The Saemaul Globalization Foundation is proud to have  forty public servants and village leaders from Kyrgyzstan for the ten-day Saemaul Training  Program from April 17th to 25th. The program is aimed to equip the trainees with knowledge and skills to enable them to become full-fledged Saemaul trainers in Kyrgyzstan. The program includes lectures on important factors and  driving systems of Saemaul Undong, roles and responsibilities of the Saemaul trainers, importance of Saemaul leaders and their leadership, discussion techniques, visits to major historical sites related to Saemaul Undong and  cultural experiences.

Chang Dong-Hee, President of the Saemaul Globalization  Foundation, welcomed the trainees on April 18th  by saying “Saemaul  Undong is monumental in terms of its power to transform  people’s mind fundamentally. Korean people acquired  the sense of pride and Can-Do sprit in the process of  living the three key words of Saemaul Undong; Diligence, Self-help and Cooperation. The UN and international  community acknowledged Saemaul Undong as driving force  which transformed Korea from an aid recipient country to a donor country and the Saemaul Undong archives were added to the UNESCO Memory of the World back in  2013. I urge you to acquire key factors and skills which will benefit your country.”