About Us

Saemaul undong of Kyrgyzstan”:

A non-profit and non-governmental public association.

Saemaul undong movement, also known as New community movement, supports active involvement of village community in the development of their village, implementation of social and economic projects based on “ashar” method and through cooperation, self-help, and hard work.

One of the priority areas of the Association is the involvement of the young generation in the development of their village as well as call for the development of entire Kyrgyzstan.

Thanks to this program, which was initiated in early 1970, the Republic of Korea achieved success within the short period of time. On 18 June 2013, the UNESCO recognized Saemaul Undong as one of the world’s best practices of the development of villages and entire nations.


Asuan Zhakypov
President of Saemaul Undong of Kyrgyz Republic
Azamat Rysbaev
Katerina Kozhenkova
Leader volunteer
Margarita Baitikova
Organizational volunteer
Alina Sadykova
International relations volunteer
Oleg Kozhenkov
Technical manager- volunteer

Stages of the development of "Saemaul Undong in Kyrgyzstan"


Saemaul Globalization Foundation, Good Neighbours, SMU Center, Good Partner


Active Engagement
of the Movement

Since 2015, the Assocciation has move forward to a new level.


of the youth

Two times in a row, the Association jointly with the Korean Education Center organized the visit of Korean students-volunteers to a local school in Kaiyrma Village, Chui Oblast, in 2016 and Kolmo Residential Area, Bishkek City, in 2017. A free school camp was organized during summer holiday for school children.


“My Village” Project

In December 2015, the Association developed a project of «My Village» Concept, which provides for the adaptation and implementation of the Korean Village Development Model in 25-30 villages of Kyrgyzstan.



In 2014, the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic expressed its interest in Saemaul Undong program first initiated in the Republic of Korea.


and Opportunities

The goal of KOICA committee was the identifiction of the problem and opportunities of Kyrgyzstan in terms of the introduction and adaptation of the Korean Village Development Model.



23 March 2016, Bishkek City. An agreement on grant allocation for Bakyian Village, Talas Oblast, to supply local residents with drinking water was signed. The agreement was signed between «Good Partner» Charity Public Foundation, Bakiyan Local Self-Government, «Saemaul undong of Kyrgyzstan» Public Association, and «Korona» ltd.

Purchase of pipes
In accordance with the Agreement, the grant provider allocated
/ USD 22,500 5000 meter pipes
110/6 diameter
Opening was on July 5, 2016.
Purchase of pipes
In accordance with the agreement, the grant provider allocated
/ USD 32,000. 5000м
диаметром 110/6
Opening was on July 4, 2017.


5 March 2017, Osh City. An agreement on the construction of a water tank for water storage in Kenzhegul Village, Karasuu District, to supply local residents with drinking water was signed. The agreement was signed between «Samchong Sem» PF, Kashkar Kyshtak Local Self Government, and «Saemaul Undong of Kyrgyzstan» PA.